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To come up with a logo that becomes a globally recognizable symbol is the goal that every designer should set for themselves. We did it last year.

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Overview: Building the Largest Startup Community on the Internet

CoFoundersLab was founded in 2011 with the aim of helping entrepreneurs find co-founders and build successful startups. Over the years, it has grown to become the largest startup community on the internet, with over 650,000 members in more than 100 countries. The website offers a range of features and tools to its users, including an Advisors database, Learning Centre, events calendar, and Startup Launch Program. 


The challenge was to create a website that would cater to the needs of startups and entrepreneurs from around the world. The website needed to offer a wide range of features such as an advanced search engine, events, mentorship programs, and more. The website also needed to be easy to use and navigate, with a modern design that would appeal to the target audience.


Our team started by researching the needs of startup communities around the world. We conducted surveys and interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors to understand their pain points and requirements. Based on this research, we designed a website with the following features:

  1. Redefined Onboarding: We created the signup process where entrepreneurs were asked various questions about themselves and their businesses which then further helped to enhance the search engine and connect with other entrepreneurs.

  2. Find a Cofounder: We built a platform for entrepreneurs to find and join startups from all over the world. With the curated search filters users were able to find the exact match they were looking for. 

  3. Job Postings: We included a job board where entrepreneurs could post job openings and find talented individuals to join their teams.

  4. Find an Advisor: We developed a mentorship program that connected entrepreneurs with experienced mentors who could offer guidance and support.

  5. Learning Centre: We curated a collection of resources such as blogs, articles, podcasts, and videos to help entrepreneurs learn and grow their businesses.

To ensure that the website was user-friendly and easy to navigate, we used a modern design with a simple layout. We also made sure that the website was mobile-friendly and responsive so that entrepreneurs could access it on the go.


The website was launched successfully and quickly became the largest startup community on the internet. Within the first year, the website had over 100,000 registered users and was growing rapidly. The website had become a hub for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and grow their businesses.

The website also received positive feedback from users, who praised the user-friendly interface, the wealth of resources, and the active community. Entrepreneurs reported finding mentors, job opportunities, and valuable connections through the platform.


By creating a website that catered to the needs of entrepreneurs, our team was able to build the largest startup community on the internet. The website’s success was due to its user-friendly design, extensive features, and active community. The website has become a valuable resource for entrepreneurs from around the world and continues to grow and evolve to meet their changing needs.